You are amazing!!!!
We love all of the food and deliveries.
Thank you so much


Wow!! Thank you so much! Everything was fantastic!         

I’ll be back😊



The food was delicious and well received, even by my picky kids. Bravo!    

Thank you again,



Flipping amazing.      



All of the food was delicious - very fresh and flavorful. We ate it all over the course of about 3 days,       



So excited about what you are offering.  We got the Mothers Day brunch and a few other dishes including the mac and cheese and LOVED IT!!  Thank you! I look forward to ordering again soon. 



Everything was fantastic! From the lovely delivery driver to the delicious dishes--each and every one, we could not have been happier. This was a real treat for everyone.



Service and food were excellent!  We will continue to spread the word.      



Everything was delicious. We will definitely order again soon!        



Everything was great. We especially liked the vegan truffles (and doubled the order this week)!



Mother’s Day brunch was fantastic. You made it so easy for my husband to prep a gorgeous buffet of foods so he felt like he did his part for Mother’s Day and I got eat what I wanted!  Win win! 😊

We had the beef stew last night (with some homemade bread and gobbled up the rest of the salad) and we’ll enjoy the tomato-lentil soup tonight.

My kids are curious what is in Hugh’s balsamic dressing as it tastes SO MUCH better than Mom’s. Haha. They loved it and added some feta/nuts with the spring mix. (They are salad eaters…for which I am grateful)          

We will spread the word for sure.



Everything was great! We especially enjoyed the gougeres, Spanish chicken, and corn dogs.       



Everything was fantastic as usual. The bagels were a big hit!          



My order was great!  

I am putting in another one! 



Thank you.  Everything was excellent.   



Thanks so very much for the delicious food. We loved the gougeres and the Chicken Salad in particular.  Take care and stay healthy!



We thought the food was excellent and the service was fantastic. The chicken curry dish was amazing. We liked the soups. And the muffins were awesome.       



Everything was wonderful! The family was very happy.



Thank you Hugh. Everything was delicious and we had a lovely social distancing Mother’s Day.  There were 6 of us and we had plenty of food.            

Martha Ann & Sandy 


The Mother’s Day brunch was delicious! And Ali (my neighbor) loved the beef stew. Thank you!  



We loved the sliders and the lentil balls were great as well (loved the curry aioli!). Going to move onto the stew and then the chili next.          

Thank you so much for the quick delivery and great service!



The food was delicious and the delivery service was efficient and on time. Thank you so much!