Greenleaf Platters provides the highest quality party platters delivered throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for your special event.

Our apologies, but we are fully booked and unable to accept new orders for July 27th, September 14th, October 16th, November 4th, and December 13th and 14th, 2019. Please call first for availability for August 17th September 13th & 15th, October 14th-19th, November 30th, and December 12th. 2019. We are closed on Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. We have a minimum food and drink order of $500 plus delivery charges ($1,000 in December). Please call for orders fewer than 5 business days away to check for availability. Additional charges may apply for last minute orders.

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We're Green!

Greenleaf Platters is proud to be a certified Green Business by the County of Alameda. There is nothing to throw away after your event. You throw all the trash into green bags we provide, we pick it up and it ALL GETS COMPOSTED!

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Giving Back

5% of our profits go to programs that fight hunger in the Bay Area.

We're a Part of the Group

Greenleaf Platters is proud to be one of the Hugh Groman Group Companies

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Order Minimums

We currently have a $500 food minimum order (delivery charges additional).

Minimum order quantity is 20 of each item.