It’s easy! Browse through our menus, clicking on what sounds good. Order each item for the number of guests you plan to have (minimum of 15 servings) or, if you order many different items, you can order for fewer servings that you have guests. Once you’ve chosen your menu, review your order on the check out page. You can edit your menu down from there. Fill out the information we ask for, and that is it! We’ll call to follow up on your order. Then, we’ll deliver your food within 90 minutes to 1 hour window before your party begins. All you need to do is take the plastic wrap off of the trays and you are done!

  1. You can place orders quickly and easily on the internet 24 hours a day.
  2. We will call you within 48 hours of receiving your order to confirm everything and get details about your event.
  3. If you would like some guidance on menu selections please call us! We are happy to help and will send you a suggested menu based on your preferences, food restrictions and guest count.
  4. If you don’t want to pay by credit card on the site, we can arrange for other means of payment. You will need to call us to place your order.
  5. We have a $500 order minimum. All pattered food and house made non-alcoholic beverages must be ordered for at least 15 servings. This is called out in the individual menu items for your reference.
  6. We ask for 7 days notice for all orders, but you can call us and we’ll make an exception if possible.
    • For example if you want to order for a Saturday delivery day, you will need to place your order no later than the Saturday before. See chart below.
Order Day – 7 Days Before Event Date Earliest Available Delivery Day
Previous Saturday Saturday
Previous Sunday Sunday
Previous Monday Monday
Previous Tuesday Tuesday
Previous Wednesday Wednesday
Previous Thursday Thursday
Previous Friday Friday


No, all of our food is designed to taste it’s best and be served at room temperature. We’ll deliver the food 90 minutes to 1 hour before your event. You can serve it whenever you like within 3 hours of delivery.

No they don’t, assuming you will be serving the food within three hours. The platters are too large for anyone to fit them in the average refrigerator.

We use organic ingredients whenever possible, but not strictly. Our meat comes from Niman Ranch and other similar purveyors. Our fish is chosen with healthfulness as well as sustainability in mind.


All major credit cards, checks & ACH transfers. The website only takes credit cards if you finalize your order online.

The minimum order is $500 before taxes or delivery. Also, most items must be ordered for at least 15 servings. Unless you don’t mind leftovers, our service is geared to parties of 15 or more.

Payment is due in full when placing your order online.

Cancellations / Refunds: Once an event is booked, if client cancels the event for any reason, Greenleaf Platters will be entitled to retain as a cancellation fee any amount as described herein. The amount due by the client to Greenleaf Platters as such a cancellation fee will be based upon the time of cancellation and determined as follows

Time of cancellation prior to date of event Percentage of minimum contract price retained by HGC
More than 8 days (192 hours) before the time we are schedule to arrive on site (the beginning of the delivery window) the day of the event 0% Full refund will be issued
Less than 8 days but more than 4 days (191 – 97 hours) before the time we are schedule to arrive on site (the beginning of the delivery window) the day of the event 50%
4 days or less (96 hours) before the time we are schedule to arrive on site (the beginning of the delivery window) the day of the event 100%

Delivery / Set Up / Pickup

We delivery to the following counties: Alameda, Contra Costa County, San Francisco, Marin, Napa County, Santa Clara, San Mateo and Palo Alto.

This is determined by the time & distance from our kitchen. We have put some examples below. The charge will auto populate in your cart once you put in the delivery address.

Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda, Lafayette, Richmond etc. – $100

San Francisco, Pacifica, Marin County, Walnut Creek, Newark etc. – $150

Napa County, Santa Clara County, San Mateo, Pleasanton etc. – $200

***Please keep in mind that this includes delivery & set up on the day of the event and pick-up of the platters the day after the event. Orders over $2,000 will incur additional delivery charges.

A 5% service charge will be added to the bill as a gratuity for the delivery person.

A 3% insurance and administration charge will also be included.

We are sorry but no, our facility is not organized for customer pickup; and the platters etc. will not fit in standard vehicles.

We can usually arrange for platters to be left in a safe place outside, so we can pick them up while you are gone.


Absolutely not, but a quick rinse is certainly appreciated. No worries either way. We want this to be easy for you.

We’ll agree beforehand on a pick up plan for the following day. Please return the platters to the blue& grey bins in which they were delivered. We recommend putting no more than 3 platters in each bin, serving utensils etc. in addition to the platters are fine. More than 3 could lead to breakage and the bin would be very heavy for the average person to pick up.

We need to charge you $25 for each platter lost or broken. Special circumstances will be considered.

Good question! First of all, the porcelain platters we use are very elegant. The presentation says to your guests: “This is going to be good!” Secondly, disposing of plastic trays is a bummer. They are usually not recyclable and they are too big for your garbage can.

Hi! We are super busy with parties, YAY!
Please inquire about availability or click the availability button below to view the open dates on the calendar. Thank you!

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    [0] => 03/30/2023
    [1] => 03/31/2023
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    [4] => 04/03/2023
    [5] => 04/04/2023
    [6] => 04/05/2023

Sorry, your order cannot be processed!

**DECEMBER ONLY - A minimum total purchase amount of $1,500.00 (without delivery charge) is required for December orders.

Please return to the menu to add on to your order.